Hearing Loss in Sun City

Audiologist Dr. Ashton Parry and the Clear Audiology Hearing team are dedicated to providing an improved quality of life through their treatment recommendations. Not only do they provide life-changing treatments, but they educate each patient to help them live long, active, engaging, and happy lives.


Hearing Loss Leads to Significant Health Risks

These health risks include;

  • Cognitive Decline
  • Memory Loss
  • Dementia & Social Isolation.

Healthy Hearing means a Healthy Brain.

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The #1 Risk-Factor In Dementia Is Hearing Loss.​

It Can Also Affect Your Risk Of Falling, Diabetes, Memory Loss And Brain Health.​

Hearing Loss & Brain Health Are Connected. Assess your risk today!

  • Breakthroughs in treatment technology.
  • 30% + improvement in speech understanding.
  • Dramatic improvement in memory recall.
  • ​Patients report hearing on par with natural hearing.
  • Invisible treatment solutions available

As we age, speech understanding becomes more and more difficult. In fact, many people with normal hearing understand as little as 50% of what is being said!

Today’s treatment technology has advanced so rapidly that we no longer make things louder. Today’s technology works with the brain to translate speech to the brain.

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With A Treatment Plan, You’ll Find The Answers You Are Looking For:​

  • Why it is difficult to understand speech especially in noise.
  • How not understanding conversations can lead to serious health risks.
  • How the brain can be retrained to understand speech.
  • How recent treatment improvements can help you live a more successful life.
  • ​How you hear with your brain, not with your ears.

The Process Is Simple.

Yes, we can help you understand conversations at work, home, in social situations, in noisy environments and in important meetings.