Speech Understanding

How can I improve my ability to better understand speech?


Understanding speech, especially in noisy environments is the #1 challenge that most of our patients face.

Did you know that even persons with normal hearing understand as little as 50% of what is being said as they age. Treating your hearing challenge isn’t about making things louder, but making them clearer.

Today’s technology is so far advanced that it primarily focuses on this critical challenge; improving speech understanding.

You are not alone. 26 million Americans live with this same challenge. Our comprehensive testing process includes the key element of Speech in Noise testing (SIN). Years ago, most hearing centers didn’t have the ability to test and improve this crucial component of hearing. This was because the technology wan’t available to allow for improved speech understanding.

As mentioned above, todays’ technology is not about making speech louder, but achieving clarity. Clarity is key.

It really doesn’t matter how loud something is made if you still can’t understand what is being said or decipher the conversation you desire with noise happening all around you.

Our goal is to help keep your most important relationships in tact so that you can live a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life.

Do you repeatedly ask people to repeat what is being said?
Do you have a hard time understanding what is being said on your favorite TV program?
Is it difficult to be a part of the conversation in a restaurant or church?
Are you finding that you can’t be fully part of a conversation because of this challenge?